International Fashion Machines, Inc. is a recognized innovator in electronic textiles. Electronic textiles incorporate conductive materials directly into the textile itself. IFM's unique intellectual property, patents, know-how and trade secrets in e-textile technology fuel our creativity and enable us to develop our innovative design products.

Our patented and patent pending Plush Touch sensing technology literally weaves, tufts, sews and embroiders electronic yarns and materials directly into fabric, making the fabric itself a sensor, and transforming it from purely decorative to something that's uniquely functional. This exclusive technology turns standard dimmer switches into stylish accessories, and makes lighting a room an extraordinary sensory experience.

Every year IFM works with an exclusive set of companies to develop their own e-textile technology. From product development to research, our extensive experience in e-textile materials, manufacturing, and applications, including heating, data transmission and sensing, can help your company meet its goals and form a better understanding of this emerging technology. IFM has conducted partners and clients include Dupont, Triton Systems The NorthFace, and Motorola. IFM has also partnered on DARPA grants.

International Fashion Machines, Inc. E-Textiles are now Patented and patent pending - United States Patent No. US 7,054,133 B2

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